Best Samachar App to get Today News in Hindi Headlines

Gone are the days when watching or listening to the news was only limited in the English language. It is the time when most of the people prefer listening to or watching their news in the Hindi language. This is where the Hindi Samachar app makes their entry for the users. All the available Hindi Samachar apps have become so popular amongst the users that they make the use of these apps for getting today news in Hindi headlines.

In case you are still not aware of the best Samachar app that you can try for getting your daily dose of Hindi news, then you should try the Khabri app which is one of the best Hindi news apps available. It has got all the features and eases that the users expect to have in the Hindi news app.

What makes Khabri app as the best Samachar app to get today news in Hindi headlines?

Best Samachar App

If you haven’t used the app and are still unaware of what makes the app so popular and the best Hindi news app, then here are some of the possible reasons in support of that.

  1. Ease of using:

The app is extremely simple to use and thus can be used by the beginners and also by the non-tech savvy users. This means, if you have no knowledge of the latest technology, even then you can make use of this Samachar app and get updated with all the news in the Hindi language.

  1. Easy downloading:

Sometimes, it is the downloading of the app that makes things really complicated for the users. But in the case of this app, you can be sure of not facing any problems with its download. It’s just the matter of one click and you are all sorted with the downloading of this app.

  1. No Internet accessibility:

One of the best benefits that you can get with this Samachar app is its no Internet accessibility. The app can simply be accessed even without the presence of the Internet, which makes it really easy for users. You can download all the desired news when connected to the Internet and then can later access them in the no Internet zone.

  1. Other benefits:

Well, unlike the many other news apps, this Hindi news app is not just limited with delivering the Hindi news. You can get many other benefits like information about government jobs, Rashifal, etc. Thus, this Samachar app is the complete package that you can use in the Hindi language.

With all these benefits, it can only be assured what makes this Samachar app as the best app to get today news in Hindi headlines. What do you think? Please comment down your opinions about the app and all the benefits that it offers.

Let’s know all about the Khabri Hindi Audio News App

Most of the people have the illusion that Hindi news apps are not worth the time to download. Even today, Hindi audio news apps are not given enough recognition as compared to the English news apps available in the market. Are you too one of those who think that Hindi news apps still lack behind the other news apps?

Well, certainly the times have changed and now even the Hindi audio news apps are becoming popular in the market. One such Hindi audio news app is Khabri app which has become really popular amongst the users with its varying features and benefits that it offers to its users.

Here are some of the facts that you should be aware of this amazing app:

  1. Fast downloading:

The app can easily and quickly be downloaded from the app store. You don’t really have to search a lot as the app is easily available for download on all the leading app stores. Simply type in the name and the app will be available for download.

  1. Latest Hindi audio news:

Hindi Audio News App

Thanks to this Hindi audio news app, it has become really easy to get the access of all the latest and trending Hindi news. This app is the one-stop solution for getting all the desirable Hindi news app without trying many other things.

  1. Create your own list:

Not many of the available apps offer the benefits to its users for creating their own preferred list of Hindi news channels. However, this available app is totally an exception to its users in this case. You can create your own list of Hindi news channels that you like and prefer.

  1. Unlimited access to Hindi news channels:

Another benefit that this Hindi audio news app has in its store is the unlimited access to various Hindi news channels. You can also subscribe to the various news channels that you prefer without facing any hassles or difficulties.

  1. No Internet connectivity:

You can easily download the news in this app with Wi-Fi connectivity and then later can access to that news. Now, if you are thinking what is so special about this? Well, you can access the downloaded news, even when there is no Internet connectivity available.

  1. It’s not just about the news:

The Hindi audio news app is not just about the Hindi news but also offers many other benefits like religious stories, Rashifal updates, technical news, motivational poetry, etc. The app is the complete package of all the desired trending latest news available.

So, are you impressed with this Hindi news app? Comment below your opinions and thoughts for the same.

Which Latest News App is India’s Best News App?

Over years many Hindi news app are introduced in the market but not half of them manages to impress the users. As a result of this, there are very few news apps which are dependable in terms of quality news as well as expected benefits. Amidst the crowd of the available news app, the latest news app that has totally impressed its users is the Khabri app.

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Top 5 Hindi Samachar app to listen to Hindi news

Gone are the days when Hindi Samachar app were considered not so worthy as compared to the other news apps. Thanks to the changing time, these Hindi news apps are now also becoming popular amongst the users, just like the other apps. However, it has also been observed that in some areas these Hindi news apps are more popular.

Considering the popularity of the Hindi Samachar app to listen to Hindi news, you can find a number of Hindi news apps in the market. Out of the many, the top 5 Hindi Samachar apps for the Hindi news which are available in the market are as follow:

  1. Khabri app:


This is one of the popular apps available in the market in the present time. This Hindi Samachar app has all the features that are essential in making any Hindi news app popular in the market. It not only focuses on the news but also covers many other domains such as rashifal, religious stories, motivational stories, etc.

  1. UC News Hindi:



The popularity of this Hindi Samachar app can be estimated from the fact that till now the app is downloaded by more than a million people. The app is really easy to access and covers almost all the domains that could ever be imagined to get the daily updated news. The app is the first to flash all the trending news.

  1. Zee News Hindi:


This app is another great app to catch all the updating and trending news in Hindi. Designed especially for the audience who prefer using the Hindi language, this app is nothing less than a complete package. The attractive design and user-friendly interface of this app, helps the users to get the daily dose of Hindi news without any hassles.

  1. Dailyhunt:


This Hindi Samachar app is popular amongst the audience because of the ease of access that it offers. Even, if you haven’t use any of such apps before, this app makes the entire experience quite very easy to handle. Along with Hindi, this app is available in more than 15 different languages.

  1. The Hindu:


As the name must have indicated, this app is designed for the Indian audience who are familiar with the Hindi language the most. The app is easily available on the various app stores and can be easily downloaded. It is easy to use and offers an amazing experience to its users.

So, these are the top 5 Hindi Samachar app available in the market that has completely changed the perception for Hindi news apps.

Let’s get updated with all local news in Hindi with Khabri

Stop worrying about not getting the latest updates of the daily news and get all local news in Hindi with the Khabri news app. The Khabri app has been the latest sensation in the news world as it allows most of the users to enjoy their news in the Hindi language. If you enjoy all your news in Hindi, you can get all local news in Hindi with Khabri without any hassles.

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Listen Samachar in Hindi with Khabri News App

If you are one of those who love to listen to your daily dose of Samachar in Hindi, then Khabri app is the right choice for you. The app is designed for all those people who want to enjoy all the latest news in their native language other than English. You simply have to download the app and enjoy the Samachar in Hindi with Khabri news app.

The Khabri app is not only limited for displaying the Samachar in Hindi but can also deliver you with plenty of other benefits and features. Interested in knowing how can you make the most of the Khabri app? Here are some of the benefits that you would get with Khabri app other than getting news in the Hindi language:

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Listen all latest news in Hindi with Khabri App

If you are one of those who likes their news in Hindi language, then this information is just the right one for you. Without a doubt, it is quite difficult to find a news app that provides the right and accurate news in the Hindi language. But, now it is quite easy to get all latest news in Hindi with Khabri app.

Yes, Khabri app is the latest news app that provides all latest news in Hindi for the convenience of the users. The app has come as a relief for all those people who always wanted their news to be available in the Hindi language. There is no need to read the Hindi news when you can easily press a button and listen to all latest news in Hindi.

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